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The Best Thing You'll See Today: Bike Hero

Justin McElroy

That's right, the video you're going to see after the break, which expertly blends Guitar Hero and bike riding, is the best thing you're going to see all day and (unless your firstborn child is due by Friday) probably all week. Seriously, go watch it. You'll have to hire a gang of neighborhood kids to pinch you before you'll be convinced you're not dreaming.

But is it really made by some kid and his friends with wayyyy too much spare time and not a well-funded ad agency? Well, no. But let's all just pretend so we can keep enjoying ourselves. Agreed? Agreed.

[Update: Stephen Totilo got Activision to spill the whole thing, and it's rife with some pretty hilarious back-pedaling. ... Get it? Back-pedaling?]

[Thanks, everyone who sent this in.]

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