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Xbox 360 sells over 7 million in Europe


Microsoft has recent price drops and an aggressive marketing campaign to thank for its latest success in Europe, with Xbox 360 sales surging past 7 million in the region. The system previously reached the six-million milestone in September. The veep of strategic marketing for Xbox in EMEA, David Gosen, seemed pleased with the results and used the word "fantastic" a lot.

"We're in a position now where we've sold over seven million consoles in EMEA, which puts us in a fantastic place versus PlayStation 3," he told MCV. It's the combination of elements that put us in a fantastically strong position. We have 360 degrees of entertainment. At the moment, momentum is fantastic, we've got real traction in all European market."

Gosen went on the extend his confidence to the forthcoming holiday period, predicting it to be "the best ever Christmas in the history of Xbox." So, pretty fantastic then.

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