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Altair, Sands of Time's prince make Prince of Persia cameos

Majed Athab

It appears the stealthy assassin Altair has left his creed for greener pastures. First his likeness finds its way into Metal Gear Solid 4, and now he's moving on from the shores of The Kingdom to ancient Persia. Ubisoft have announced that a special Altair costume can be yours for free in the soon-to-release Prince of Persia. Gamers who link their account to their PlayStation Network account can grab the costume as soon as they load up their copy. Create an Ubi account here. According to IGN, you can also unlock the prince from The Sands of Time some time in the future, too.

With all this info, Prince of Persia looks to be a rather entrancing buy. Well, the fact that Ubi is offering free costumes, Trophies, a free Limited Edition upgrade for pre-orderers and, oh, just an all around freaking great looking title, should be more than enough to sway any PS3 owner. PoP hits North America on December 2 and Europe on December 5.

[via press release]

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