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DVD sales also feeling the pinch, down 4% on the year

Darren Murph

Coming at you straight from Shockville is this tidbit: a report claiming that DVD sales are also hitting the skids, along with practically everything in the world save for milk, bread and diamond-clad cellphones. In fact, DVD sales on the whole are down 4% for the year, with the biggest drop occurring in October; it's also noted that Blu-ray sales, according to Warner, will "miss sales projections for the year by 25%." Interestingly, we're told that the slumping economy isn't the only aspect to blame, as media companies are purportedly "dumping more obscure titles on the market, leading to downward pricing pressure," according to Distribution Video and Audio. Of course, we're also informed that digital downloads could be cutting into sales, but even during the down times, the DVD business is still outperforming a whole gaggle of other sectors. Don't cry so soon, DVD, as Black Friday is still to come.

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