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iPhone/iPod touch update 2.2 Walkthrough

Cory Bohon

As you've probably heard by now, Apple released the much awaited 2.2 firmware update for both the iPhone and iPod touch. This new firmware brings several impressive new features.

Downloading and Installing the new Firmware
First, you'll need to get the new version of iTunes that was released last night. Next, launch iTunes, and connect your iPhone or iPod touch. Click on your device and select the "Summary" tab and then click "Update." The update will then take a few minutes to download and install.

If you've ever used the maps application before, then you know how useful it can be. Apple has added cool new features with this update, including Google's Street View service. Street View provides a full 360º view of some streets in the US (this isn't available for every street). To try it out, enter an address in the search field. When it's found, click the head icon in the bubble that appears above the pinpoint. The Maps application has a very cool transition from the 2D map to street view.

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In addition to Street View, Maps also includes public transit and walking directions. When you drop a pin to remember a location, Maps can tell you which address it is near. When you drop new pins, you will also have the option to add the address as a contact (a very nice touch, literally). When you view details for a location, or pin, you can now share this location via email. When you click "Share Location," a new email will be generated with a link.

Read on to learn about Safari, iTunes Store, and additional notes.

Mobile Safari's UI has received a complete overhaul. When you first launch it, you'll notice the newly designed address/Google bar at the top. The bar is much smaller and gives you extra room to view web pages. The refresh/stop loading button has been moved inside the address bar, which is a nice touch.

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Some smaller changes I have noticed is that Safari no longer includes the "http://" when you type in an address and hit "Go." Also, the "Go" button is unavailable when the address bar is empty. In the last update, Apple added the ability to click a YouTube video in Safari and launch the; however, with this update the videos simply load in a full screen window instead of launching another app. YouTube videos are treated just as .mov and .mp3 file are.

Podcast Support in iTunes Store
Since the iPhone's introduction, people have wanted to be able to download music and podcasts. Apple granted their first wish a while back, and now they've done the same with podcasts. When you launch iTunes on the iPhone, you will see a new tab at the bottom called "Podcasts." By clicking this tab, you will enter the same Podcast section that iTunes on your computer offers -- that's right, even down to the video podcasts!

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Navigation is just like the regular music store: select a podcast, listen to a sample by clicking the title, and download it by clicking "free." Downloads are processed in the "Downloads" tab of iTunes. Once you download a podcast, it can be found in the iPod application under "Podcasts."

Additional Notes
Please note that some of the features, like Google Street View, don't work on the iPod touch. If you notice anything that we missed, be sure to tell us in the comments!

Many thanks to everyone who has been tipping us throughout the day!

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