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Avatar ninja-wear not included with Ninja Blade theme [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: We may have run into a mis-mistranslated problem. According to new reports, the Ninja Blade premium theme DOES NOT come with ninja Avatar clothing options. Insert sad face here:

(original blog below)

Even though we'll be receiving some free Avatar apparel in the weeks to come, we've always been keen to Microsoft's plan to monetize Avatars. Now, thanks to a lil' ninja game by the name of Ninja Blade, we finally have our first set of paid Avatar duds.

Purchasable for 250 Microsoft points, the Ninja Blade (premium) theme can be purchased and not only comes with theme wallpapers and sets, but also five pieces of ninja clothing for your Avatar. That's right, you can dress your mini-me Avatar to look like a ninja or as we call 'em, a Ninjatar. Pro-tip: Don't expect priced Avatar goods to go away.

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