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Panasonic to move all plasma panel production to two facilities

Darren Murph

And just like that, another mainstay in the flat-panel world is forced to make significant business changes to deal with drooping demand and a bizarre economy. Shortly after Sharp announced that it would likely be cutting LCD panel production by around 10%, in flies word that Panasonic is making an even more drastic move. Currently, the outfit produces 65-inch plasma panels at a plant in Ibaraki, while all other sizes are concocted at two factories in Amagasaki. Starting soon, all sizes will be made at the pair of plants in Amagasaki, a move that will supposedly cut production costs by up to ¥4 billion ($41.92 million) per year. Panny is hoping to use the Ibaraki venue to "concentrate [on] development and testing of flat-panels," which follows logic given its intentions to spark up a "development segment for LCD panels there next fiscal year."

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