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Pro Applications Update improves performance and stability

Robert Palmer

Apple has released Pro Applications Update 2008-04, which includes updates to Final Cut Pro, Compressor, Color, DVD Studio Pro, Cinema Tools, Motion, Soundtrack Pro and Shake. The update, according to Apple, "addresses general performance issues and improves overall stability."

No specific details were provided about what the update improved about each software component, other than to say each update "addresses specific customer issues and general performance issues." The updates are recommended for all users of the software.

The update includes the following versions:

  • Final Cut Pro 6.0.5
  • Compressor 3.0.5
  • Shake 4.1.1
  • DVD Studio Pro 4.2.1
  • Cinema Tools 4.0.1
  • Motion 3.0.2
  • Color 1.0.3
  • Soundtrack Pro 2.0.2

The update is available from Apple's website.

Thanks, Clancy!

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