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The Daily Grind: Is $15 a good fee for your MMO subscription?

Michael Zenke

Most of the AAA MMOs we play right now charge about the same price: $14.99 a month. Some titles offer discounts for multiple months purchased in advance, and Turbine offers a unique offering in their lifetime subscription to Lord of the Rings Online. Most MMO gamers, though, are paying that $15 fee every month for the game or games of their choice. Our question this morning is simple: is that a good value for your game?

Now, obviously nobody would turn down something for free. The microtransactional business model has made big inroads into the US by allowing players the opportunity to hop online with their friends without an up-front cost. Blizzard recently announced they have no intention of changing their pricing any time soon, and seems to think that they offer a great deal for the cost. Most AAA developers don't look like they'll be moving away from monthly fees any time soon. Do you agree that's a fair value? Or, alternatively, do you wish that every game offered a free-to-pay model? Let us know.

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