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Two-thirds of OTA households have requested DTV coupons

Darren Murph

There's no doubt that the CEA and NTIA have been spreading the word about the 2009 digital TV transition as hard as they can, but some folks still aren't taking the time to listen. 'Course, 62% is way better than what we've seen in the past, but that still leaves a full third of OTA-reliant American households sans a government-issued voucher with under 100 days to go until analog slides under the guillotine. Currently, 17 million homes have requested 33.5 million coupons (in other words, most folks are requesting the maximum of two) and 13.5 million have been redeemed. For those with a strange curiosity to know even more, it's stated that a number of eastern cities have the highest coupon application rates, while folks in Hawaii and Alaska could apparently care less. Can't blame 'em given the scenery, eh?

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