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    User review: 3 Marware iPhone cases


    My buddy Gavin Baker, CEO of Abunga, took three iPhone cases from Marware for a spin. He took a look at the SportGrip ($14.99), C.E.O. Glide ($24.99) and the C.E.O. Premiere ($34.99). Which best suited this CEO on the go? Read his take below for the answer...

    I first tried out the Marware SportGrip, the silicone case that has a rubberized feel and covers the back and sides of the phone leaving the touch screen open. This was my go-to case for about 2 weeks. It easily protected the back and sides of my phone from scratches and the material deadened any type of accidental drop of the phone, reducing the damage inflicted. I had no fear about tossing my phone around onto tables, chairs or in my Jeep. The downside is that the protection afforded by the cover also creates a much bulkier pocket profile. This made it more difficult to slide into pockets. One major downside was that I took the cover off after about 1 week and noticed it had collected a lot of dust, dirt, lint, etc. on the inside of the cover, creating some smaller scratches on the backside of my phone. I'm sure had I taken the cover off more frequently this wouldn't have been an issue.

    The Marware C.E.O Glide was next on my list and it didn't make it long; partially because of the red snakeskin cover, but it is essentially a vertical sleeve with a Velcro clasp to keep the phone inside. It's not functional for me since I prefer my phone to be in my pocket and easily accessed or on my belt. This was a mix of the two and a cover that doesn't work in that circle isn't the best for me.

    The Marware C.E.O Premiere is the last case I tried out. It is a horizontal belt case and allows easy access to the phone while providing a secure environment. As soon as I put the case on I was very confident with it. I wasn't worried about the case falling off my belt, and the case has a Velcro enclosure to ensure the phone stays in the case. The interior of the case is soft but not microfiber so I have no fear of putting my phone into the case and it coming out in worse shape. I've used the case daily for about 2 weeks and the exterior of the case shows minimal wear. My only complaint about the case is the Velcro closure. In the weeks I've used it the Velcro has started to loosen and is not as tight as it once was. Other than that the case has been phenomenal and it is the one I've settled on for everyday use.

    All of the Marware products come with a cleaning cloth and protective film.

    Thanks Gavin!

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