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Verizon gives patrons a taste of FiOS TV / internet in new Columbia, MD store

Darren Murph

We've seen Verizon push its fiber-based FiOS TV and high-speed internet services in some rather odd locations, but at least store patrons won't be baffled when they see the demonstration kiosks in the carrier's new Columbia, Maryland store. Located at 8835 Columbia 100 Parkway in Suite B, the store offers up a "home theater setting where shoppers can relax in plush chairs and see for themselves what all the excitement is about as they experience FiOS TV on high-definition TVs." Better still, subscribers can swap or drop off FiOS TV set-top-boxes / remotes at the store, and they can even phone up friends in the southeast and brag about their proximity to the service. And you know they (you) will.

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