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Crazy colored Avatar hair discovered!

Dustin Burg

We were under the impression that every feature in the New Xbox Experience and (specifically) Avatars was discovered, but we're learning that there are more eggs to be found.

Hidden within' the Avatar customizer is an option for colored Avatar hair. Colored hair including favs like purple, blue, red, pink, green, etc. Simply follow the steps below to "unlock" the anime'riffic Avatar hair colors and instantly be the cool kid on the block. Or at least the cool kid in your Avatar village.

  • Go to the "Change My Features" section of the Avatar customizer.
  • Highlight (don't click) the "Hairstyles" tile in the "My Features" area.
  • Patiently wait. After one minute the "Hairstyles" tile will spin.
  • That's it, hair colors unlocked! Choose your hairstyle and the new hair colors will be available.
[Via Kotaku, Thanks red son rising]

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