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GenevaSound Home Theater speaker stand packs 700-watts, loves your iPod

Darren Murph

We can't imagine that legions of audio enthusiasts are scouting a booming 2.1 sound system that doubles as a TV stand, but if you're one of the few, GenevaLab has your number. Introduced nearly three years to the day after we originally saw the iPod-loving Geneva Sound System is the GenevaSound Home Theater, a rather large piece of furniture that packs a 2.1 system (including a 12-inch subwoofer), inbuilt 700-watt amplifier, space for a SACD / DVD / Blu-ray / LaserDisc player, an integrated iPod / iPhone dock, a CD player / radio and a black or white motif. You'll pay dearly for the privilege of owning one, though, and if you're unclear on the definition of "dearly," try $3,999.

[Via iLounge]

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