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First Look: Guitar Rock Tour for iPhone

Cory Bohon

Do you like to rock out with Guitar Hero or Rock Band? If you do, then you'll no doubt like Guitar Rock Tour [iTunes link] for the iPhone. The Guitar Rock Tour experience is similar to that of Guitar Hero, but portable. Unlike Tap Tap Revenge, Guitar Rock Tour gives you 17 licensed songs, including Rock You Like a Hurricane, Beat It, Smoke on the Water, and more.

The nice thing about this game is that you can play either the lead guitar or the drums. There are three difficulty levels for Guitar Rock Tour: Easy, Medium, and Hard. In addition, there is a quick play mode and tour mode. In quick play, you can play any song that you want, using any difficultly level -- assuming you've unlocked the songs.

In tour mode, you go around to different cities playing songs, earning points, and unlocking more songs. When you start the tour mode, you actually sign a contract for the band -- I thought this part was cool. The game play is identical to that of Guitar Hero or RockBand. You simply tap the notes that appear on the screen to make the music play. If you miss a note, then you lose points; if you get a note right, you gain points.

Overall, Guitar Rock Tour is a lot of fun and has great graphics -- I was surprised at how good and fluid the animations were. I experienced a lot of crashes, though this seemed to have been fixed with a reboot of the iPhone. I also found that sometimes the notes were not timed exactly right. This can be distracting, especially when you just want to play the song. If you are interested in Guitar Rock Tour, it is available from the App Store for $7.99 (US).

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