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Mobispine pens tell all about their iPhone MMS app, doesn't exactly tell all

Laura June

We've heard a few things about the Mobispine MMS app supposedly being developed for the iPhone, but the company's just answered a couple of questions, and we thought we'd give you a quick rundown. Interestingly, the app will utilize Apple's announced but delayed push notification, which Mobispine says is due "pretty soon," though carriers may use SMS notification in lieu of the service. The company says that the app will be carrier-branded, and that it will be up to them how much to charge you, the MMS-starved consumer. Mobispine says that the software will "probably" be made available through the App Store, "probably" because it's still in some vague phase of development, and has yet to be approved by Apple. Just let us know when the thing is ready, okay guys?

[Thanks, Carlos]

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