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PS3 wireless keypad available now from Gamestop

Alan Tsang

Well, online at least. Although a specific release date (other than "early December") for the PS3 wireless keypad peripheral was never announced, Gamestop's webstore shows that the keypad is now available for sale. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have them in stock at Gamestop's brick and mortar locations yet.

The price is still a steep $49.99 plus shipping. Checking out other retailers, it looks like is taking pre-orders to be shipped on December 5th for $44.99 but slaps on a hefty shipping charge of $6.18. Amazon is the least pricey, at $49.99 with free shipping, but they aren't sending their stock out until December 15th. Will you be snatching up one of these at 50 clams?

[Via IGN]

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