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RIM clears up BlackBerry Storm OS situation


Well, it looks it looks like we can put the first Storm conspiracy theory to rest, as RIM has now come out and said that the supposed delay-causing Storm OS glitch was, in fact, more of a sticker glitch, and that there was never such a thing as an OS version As you may recall, the rumors started flying when some Storms started showing up with a sticker indicating the OS version as, while the device itself showed that the OS was version That prompted some to speculate that the OS had to be downgraded at the last minute, prompting the delay, but according to RIM, the problem was simply that "several thousand" boxes were printed with the incorrect version number, which then had to be covered up with the proper sticker. Unfortunately, RIM didn't have anything to say about an actual update for the OS, which could certainly use a little patching up of its own.

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