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Sam's Club auctions: Signed Gears 2, potentially cheaper Locust head


Sam's Club currently has two auctions going that might be of interest to Gears of War 2 fans. First is a copy of the game's limited edition box signed by Epic's Mark Rein and Cliff Bleszinski. The other is a bust of a Locust drone, which we'd previously reported on as retailing for $550 $650 -- the current bid is under $50. Both auctions are up for the next seven days.

The only catch with the Locust bust is that it will not be sent out until early 2009, so don't expect it to be a holiday gift for any COG you know. Really, though, nothing says, "Welcome to our happy home," like the severed head of a Locust drone in the foyer.

Auction - Signed copy of the game.
Auction - Locust bust.

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