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Send a tiny DS wishlist in Mario's voice


Nintendo has offered two resources for compiling and sharing your Nintendo DS holiday wishlists. The first allows you to select a DS color and up to three games, along with a few other details, and send the list to someone's phone or email as a voice message from Mario. The second allows you to compile a wishlist and send it as an E-card.

Both suffer from the same problem: the list of games is extremely limited, comprising Nintendo's big hits, new releases, and a few E-rated third-party titles. Some of the games, like New Super Mario Bros., are way old. These "gift guides" actually make the DS look worse than the super-awesome system it is. We understand the E rating restriction, but why limit the selection to 25 games? And why include Disney's Bolt in that selection?

The one salvation of either of these services would be the hilarious and adorable Mario voice messages (they are very cute and enjoyable), but Mario can't say "JC." How could Nintendo forget to record this crucial word?

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