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Status of 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' muddled in Gearbox layoffs


The development status of Aliens: Colonial Marines is currently about as convoluted as Weyland-Yutani's interest in the xenomorph. Following reports that the title had been canceled, developer Gearbox's president, Randy Pitchford, has stated the game has not been "canned."

Originally, Shacknews reported that Gearbox let go of about 15-25 employees, with the site's sources claiming Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway's poor retail performance and the "stoppage of work" on Aliens were the reason for the layoffs. Pitchford reiterated to the site that it was an "inaccurate characterization" that production on the game had been "halted." Questions about Aliens: Colonial Marines' quality and condition have hung over the title since E3.

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