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Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack on European Stars Catalogue somehow


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We're assuming that this is a clerical error of some sort -- perhaps a new intern keeps uploading the wrong images and product descriptions for Wii Fit wallpapers. For the second week in a row, actual items have been added to the European Stars Catalogue, and they are cool.

For 3,850 and 4,850 points, respectively, European gamers have the chance to buy the Gold and Platinum Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack discs previously exclusive to the Japanese Club Nintendo. The Gold edition features 28 tracks, and the two-disc Platinum set contains a staggering 81 tracks.

It's been roughly one year since the items' release in Japan, but considering that nobody expected to see them available anywhere else ever, we have a hard time calling this "late." If you somehow have a ridiculous stock of Stars, go now! These items probably won't last the day.

[Thanks, RICANJO!]

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