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Warhammer Online community claims contribution system a sham

Kyle Horner

One of the first and often touted systems being developed by Mythic for Warhammer Online was contribution. Anyone who's played a through a few Public Quests or Keep captures knows the contribution system is supposed to monitor how everyone plays and then dole out a proper score before a dice roll is applied to give it all a twinge of randomness. Well, a post over at Wizards & Wenches claims that they've discovered the secret formula to contribution: it doesn't exist.

The claim -- which has discussions threads at forums, along with screenshots -- is that when a player enters a zone, they are given a dice roll that applies to them until they leave the zone or log out. This means that a player who gets first will continue to do so, no matter what, until another player with a higher roll comes along.

So is it true, does contribution not work as advertised? Looking at a multitude of player reactions, it seems as though rolls aren't always the same in two PQs or Keep captures -- something that puts a little leak in the theory. We're not prepared to say yes or no, but this is certainly a worry with this sort of system. If there's one thing people absolutely hate, it's even the slightest feeling that they've somehow been cheated. If there is a glitch in the system somewhere, we hope Mythic will be able to fix it sooner rather than later. However, if there isn't any sort of issue then it may be a good idea for them to point out any flaws or reasons as to why these players are incorrect.WARHAMMMER --

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