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Data shows Wii games discounted fastest


Not all that waggles on Wii is gold. It turns out there's a reason we've been seeing so many Wii games in bargain bins: they're twice as likely to under-perform at retail than PS3 or 360 titles.

Blend Games has obtained a new report from Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) which claims that 15.1 percent of Wii titles are reduced in wholesale price by their publishers (termed "price protection") after only a short time on sale, versus 7.5% on 360 and 9.09% on PS3.

EEDAR analyst, Jesse Divnich, suggests that the larger volume of mainstream and casual titles hitting simultaneously on Wii is part of the problem. "Most publishers typically avoid releasing their big triple-A core targeted titles against other triple-A titles, whereas it is common to see many mainstream/casual titles, targeting similar markets, released in the same week," Divnich explained.

So, release lots of crappy games and more crappy games will end up yellow-tagged. Got it. But do publishers? Hopefully they will, sooner rather than later.


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