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ESPN Star Sports uncorks HD sports in India with cricket

Steven Kim

Around the Engadget HD Thanksgiving table, we never fail to mention our gratitude for HD sports. Beginning December 3, our cricket-loving friends in India will (hopefully) be able to discover this joy for themselves as ESPN Star Sports airs Champions League Twenty20 cricket. It's the first HD sports broadcast in the Indian subcontinent, where HD is so new that it is unclear how viewers will actually receive the signal -- there are no HD options available to pay-TV customers. So, we're keeping our fingers crossed that in the days left, providers either: get their acts together and come up with a HD offering (good), or enable the service for all subscribers until things get sorted (better). Believe us, once subscribers see the magic that HD can bring to spin- and speed-bowlers alike, they'll find the rupees to keep the HD flowing!

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