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Holiday Game and Rating Guide: E for Everyone

Xbox 360 Fanboy and parental gaming site What They Play have joined forces for a special holiday guide to inform both you and the people who are deciding what to get you for the upcoming holiday season. Today through Friday, the Holiday Game and Rating Guide will showcase five recently released titles -- with some exceptions -- from each of the ESRB rating classifications to add to your collection.

Kicking off today with titles E for "Everyone," part one of the holiday game guide varies in recommendations from a sports fan's dream to ATV stunt-racing wannabes.

Developed by X3F and What They Play president John Davison -- you may also know him from the 1UP Yours Podcast -- the Holiday Game and Rating Guide hopes to showcase the best of each rating while helping to inform your loved ones what kind of content each game includes. It isn't meant to scare them away, in fact think of it as a walk through of what's really found in each game to help everyone make an intelligent decision this holiday season.

Click the banner below to check out our picks for titles rated "E for Everyone."

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