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Kenwood's CR-iP500 will do the All Black haka with your iPod


No, it's not a Doomsday clock, ticking away the precious seconds of your brief mortality. It's just another iPod dock, the CR-iP500 from Kenwood. The 371 x 175 x 187-mm globule of thump brings a pair of amplified 5W speakers, a built-in FM tuner, slot-in CD player, and a USB 2.0 jack to playback unprotected WMA and MP3 audio files off USB sticks. Yeah, iPods too, just as long as you don't stretch the definition to include the iPhone which this dock doesn't appear to support. Expected to hit Japan for ¥27,000 (about $280) in early December.

Update: Oh Kenwood, turns out your dock is just a rebadge of the LG PC12 already on sale in the US and elsewhere for $250 MSRP.

[Via Impress and Akihabara News, thanks PABLO]

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