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TiVo queues up holiday bundles to spread the TiVo HD cheer

Darren Murph

If you were tempted, but held off, on biting into TiVo's Blue Moon special earlier this year, the outfit is out to get your hard-earned dollars again. We've already discussed the merits (and disadvantages) of becoming a TiVo user, but if you're convinced that it's right for you, you might should make your way into Best Buy. TiVo has inked a deal with said retailer to give any HDTV buyer $100 off of a TiVo HD box, not to mention 3 free months of TiVo service, 3 free months of Rhapsody and 3 free movies from Jaman. Sure, it's not the most awesome deal of all time, but it's the perfect way to get your buddy going with a TiVo HD if you were already planning on snagging that new set from BB anyway. Check the official verbiage after the break.

With the tough economy, smart consumers are going to want
to get the most out of what they spending on holiday gifts this year,
and coupon clippers have found a new goldmine in the blue-light
special department – holiday bundles. An emerging trend shows consumer
electronics companies joining forces and offering deeper discounts
than they could do singularly. Here's what TiVo has put together with
some key partners:

$100 off a TiVo HD with purchase of an HDTV at Best Buy

3 free months of TiVo service
3 free months of Rhapsody service
3 free movies from Jaman (Independent movies & foreign films)

Aside from these great freebies you can save loads by giving the gift
of TiVo. Those lucky enough to receive one under the tree will
actually save money themselves, thanks to the 'all-in-one'
functionality of a TiVo. Once they plug it in, they can save on costs
such as:

· DVDs: TiVo has movies from Netflix, Amazon, Disney
movies/films and Jaman (which provides foreign films, independent
movies, and film festival award winners).

· CDs: With Rhapsody on TiVo you have access to millions of
songs, and with Music Choice you've got a ton of videos.

· Photo frames: Share holiday photos with a slide show on
your HDTV. TiVo makes it simple to access online photo albums
including Photobucket and Google's Picasa – another way TiVo gives
users the most choice and value out of a big high definition
television set.

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