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VUDU offering select HD / HDX titles for $4.99 purchase on Black Friday

Darren Murph

Trust us, we too have been looking for a good reason to simply stay put this Black Friday rather than venturing out in an attempt to save $8.43 and contract at least six airborne diseases. Finally, we've found our reason. VUDU has announced on its forums that this Friday, it will sell (read: not just a 24-hour rental) four HDX titles, six HD flicks and a slew of SD movies for $4.99 each. We imagine the motive here is twofold: for starters, it'll generate buzz and probably lead to a few impulse buys; secondly, it could be a litmus test to the real popularity of its minty fresh HDX format. Hit the read link for the admittedly short list, and feel free to register in order to beg for a larger selection prior to Friday.

[Thanks, Rob]

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