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Fuzebox 8-bit DIY game console, strictly for those who'd rather DIY


What do you give the person who has everything this holiday season? How about a game system without any games? Fuzebox is a homebrew, open source 8-bit game console kit based on an ATmega644 8-bit processor, with a whopping 4K RAM and four-channel MIDI sound. The console plays games written in C, accepts two SNES controllers and should come together in an hour and a half or so, as long as you have some skill with a soldering iron. Seventy bucks will get you a bare bones rig, or for an extra thirty you can go all out -- components, enclosures, a controller, necessary cables and one power adapter. If you're one of those people who like to give your kids educational toys that they'll never use, you're welcome. Even if you're not, there is an action packed video (with obligatory breakbeat soundtrack) of the prototype after the break.

[Via Make]

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