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Metareview -- Alone in the Dark ... Inferno! (PS3)

Jason Dobson

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Not even leaving the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark on broil for several months was enough to bake out all of the problems maligning Atari's Central Park adventure. While so far the game has escaped the bulk of scathing reviews enjoyed by its Xbox 360 and PC cousins, the re-dubbed Alone in the Dark: Inferno still left many reviewers lukewarm with tepid gameplay resting beneath the title's extra-crispy exterior.
  • 1UP (B-): "Alone in the Dark still has problems; all the technical fixes in the world can't make up for the dopey plot, unsatisfying endings, and the ridiculous reliance on fire to kill virtually all of the game's enemies, and the new PS3 sequence basically amounts to a bonus boss encounter that isn't enough to draw in anyone who's already played the game."
  • Game Informer (73/100): "Unfortunately, the clumsy story remains the same and I still came across the occasional glitch. But make no mistake, Inferno is the definitive version of Alone in the Dark."
  • Eurogamer (70/100): "It's easier to forgive the problems that remain, but you still have to accept that you'll be thrown in the deep end a lot, and that a layer of polish is still absent."
  • Play UK (70/100): "Once you end up burning Lucifer's roots in Central Park there is still the problem of the whole thing just being not very good."

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