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    Sony's VPL-HW10 turns in solid performance on the CNET bench

    Steven Kim

    RPTVs with SXRD panels may have fallen from the Sony roadmap, but the tech still gets some love with the company's front projectors. We got our own hands on the VPL-HW10 model at CEDIA 2008, and it passed the styling test quite well, thanks. The lucky folks at CNET have put the unit to test, where it turned in a solid performance that holds up pretty well given the $3,500 price point. Sure, the unit isn't a retina-searing light canon and the grayscale calibration deviated from ideal in the red and green, but overall picture quality -- you know, what you'll appreciate when not watching test patterns -- stood up quite well. And if you're stickler for black level performance, it's hard to beat SXRD in a beamer.

    [Via TVSnob]

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