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Two BlackBerry Storm updates imminent, handset unlocked for use on T-Mobile

Darren Murph

Here on Thanksgiving Eve, we've got two juicy Storm tidbits sure to make your Turkey Day that much more interesting. For starters, one fellow over on HoFo has purportedly unlocked his touchscreen BlackBerry for use on T-Mobile's GSM network. Hot, right? The process involved sourcing a SIM unlock code from VZW, then updating the phone with software intended for the Bold. If you're not confused yet, you'll also need a dash of Elvish magic and a bit of luck, but you should know that you can't tap into T-Mob's 2G voice network and Verizon's 3G data network at the same time. Next up, the Boy Genius has it on authority that two firmware updates are but weeks away, both of which will target some of the many issues that early adopters have been harping on since launch day. Hit the links below for more details on everything.

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