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Wii Speak Channel not so limited; 'replacement' downloads possible

Despite telling MTV earlier this month that the Wii Speak Channel – bundled with the Wii Speak peripheral in the form of a "Download Ticket" – would not be made available through any other means, it appears the Big N has reconsidered that stance, clarifying its new, more flexible policy with GameSpot.
"Any consumer who may have misplaced their Wii Download Ticket number for the Wii Speak Channel or require a new number following a Wii exchange may contact their local Nintendo Customer Services department, where they can request a replacement Wii Download Ticket number."
We're sympathetic with the industry's desire to use things like one-off downloadable content to encourage new game sales, but applying that logic to a hardware peripheral always struck us as particularly short-sighted.

But now, with that concern out of the way, we're writing directly to you future thrift store shoppers: Put down that ironic t-shirt and those theme-park shot glasses and reconsider the old Wii Speak in the corner. Just remember to holophone the Customer Service department and ask them to telepathically beam you a new code and you'll be speakerphoning in no time.

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