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WoW armory revamped to show achievements and more

World of Warcraft players finally have the moment they've been waiting for. Well, okay, one of the many moments they've been waiting for. The armory has finally been revamped into the updated form Blizzard promised some months ago that will allow players to off the achievements they've earned. The armory version of achievements also contains the same tracking bars and lists for in-progress achievements as are on the in-game interface. For the World of Warcraft player who really likes achievments, this armory update should prove to be a gold mine of things to poke around and plan during lunchtime. (You'd never consider wasting company or class time reading about MMOs, we're sure.)

Also added in this pipin' hot armory update is a series of statistics tracked on accounts since the 3.0.2 Echoes of Doom patch. Everything from how much gold your character has made to how many times you've wound up spending special cuddly time with the floor due to overaggro is there in black and white for you (and anyone else) to read. Additionally, there seems to be additional information in regards to overall World of Warcraft guilds. Whether or not any of this new information - like say, the achievements showing you've cleared certain endgame raid instances - will play into other things like guild recruitment or choosing guilds to join is unknown. With so much information openly available, we're going to hear more about this, we'd bet.

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