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Ask Engadget HD: What should I get on Black Friday?

Darren Murph

This glorious day only comes once per year here in the United States, so you should know we're going to harp on it 'til it's over. We've ditched the usual Ask Engadget HD routine this week in favor of sparking up conversation about shopping, so have a read below:

"No surprise, Black Friday 2008 is tomorrow. I don't particularly need anything, but I'm always down for an HD-related deal. I don't have time to shuffle through all those ads -- what are the best items to get, and where do I head to get 'em?"

You've seen our breakdown of HD-related sales for Black Friday, but now it's time to toss in your votes for the best deals around. We know, it's slim pickings this year, but show us what ya got in comments.

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