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Oh snap! Google, Symbian trade barbs at Open Mobile Summit

Chris Ziegler

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Nothing like a couple passive-aggressive keynote speeches and some spirited debate to get the blood pumping -- and with competition in the open mobile platform space more heated than it's ever been before, it was just a matter of time before these cats met up in a back alley brawl, Anchorman-style. That brawl came at San Francisco's Open Mobile Summit last week, where tensions boiled over into a series of subtle (and not-so-subtle) jabs between Google exec Rich Miner, Symbian veep Jerry Panagrossi, and Nokia's Mary McDowell. Pimping Android's security model, Miner came out swinging with accusations that Symbian's architecture leaves it with security flaws, a claim Panagrossi vigorously denied; interestingly, Larry Berkin of Access (yes, that Access) -- of all people -- stepped in to break up the fight and say Miner had it wrong. Panagrossi went on to suggest Android might be a niche platform, and... well, you can pretty much imagine that it went downhill from there. Drama!

[Image via I Can Has Cheezburger?, thanks Jota E.]

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