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    Pioneer's pricey BDP-LX71 Blu-ray deck reviewed: great, mate

    Darren Murph

    Don't freak out, Americans -- you haven't seen Pioneer's BDP-LX71 hanging around at your favorite A/V store for one simple reason: it caters to the European / Australian crowd. And with an MSRP of AU$1,299, it obviously caters to the affluent, too. The Aussies over at CNET's AU branch were able to get ahold of the spectacularly shiny deck, and while they admired the lovely picture and sound quality, styling and selection of ports, they couldn't easily overlook the elephantine price tag, lack of Profile 2.0 and omission of internal DTS-HD decoding. Additionally, the slow loading speed put more of a damper on things, but all of those knocks still didn't sway critics from recommending it for those with the cash. For everyone else, we'd probably definitely look elsewhere.

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