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Players the source of Warhammer's problems?


Hardcore Casual recently put out a very concise view of what is currently holding back a truly enjoyable game experience from Warhammer Online -- the players.

The post truly sums up what makes many of the features of Warhammer Online break -- the fact that players aren't playing the game in the way Mythic expected. Instead of enjoying the content and dabbling into all the intricate facets of the game, players are engaged in a grindtastic rush towards the endgame content with the misshapen belief that "the game truly begins at maximum level." As the post itself says, people aren't comfortable with a game that starts at level 1 and not the cap.

But who would have predicted such a reversal from the diversity in content the players usually pine for? Players have obviously forgone doing quests on the main battlefields of Warhammer, electing to engage in constant scenario combat instead. Even when most of the content in Warhammer is extremely solid and engaging while being different from what the rest of the MMO market offers, players have clinged to what they recognized and understand. Even dungeons have gone the way of the dodo in Warhammer, since players have to explore to find the dungeons rather than have a giant neon arrow point the way.

But should Mythic go the route of Blizzard and begin to hand-hold their players towards content? Is that possibly "dumbing down" gameplay, as dungeons were made to be found by explorers and public quests were made to be completed by spontaneous masses of people? If these questions intrigue you, make sure to go and visit Hardcore Casual and check out the article. It's certainly worth a read.

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