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Amazon's Canon SD770IS deal is much better than it looks


Nabbing Canon's little PowerShot SD770IS 10 megapixel shooter with optical image stabilization for $160 from Amazon is a decent deal, though not great. Like many of this year's so called Black Friday deals, a little mouse-work will likely uncover the same prices elsewhere. But read Amazon's fine print and you'll see that you can add a free, 4GB class 4 SDHC card (something you'll likely want to purchase anyway) to save another $11 or so on your purchase. What Amazon doesn't tell you is that you can add any Kingston SDHC card for free. Right, including the $30 16GB SDHC card (ships after Christmas) or $15 8GB class 6 card (ships before Christmas). Free shipping too and tax free -- $159.94 is your final price. Just hit up the links below, add the products to your cart, and watch the savings roll in.

P.S. You won't see the price drop by just adding the items to the cart. The price for the SD card is subtracted just before checking out.

[Via SlickDeals]

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