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New to Paragon City: Sunstorm and Synapse

Tateru Nino

Two new 'rednames' have been introduced to the super-powered community by City of Heroes/Villains Senior Designer Floyd "Castle" Grubb at NCsoft. The new bright stars are Jonathan "Sunstorm" Courney, and Phil "Synapse" Zeleski. Both have been around for a little while now, but this is their formal debut.

Both Sunstorm and Synapse have been working on Powers. Sunstorm particularly is tackling bases (which many players may find to be an area long-overdue for attention), and you can find an Issue 13 Base Q&A from Sunstorm on the forums. Synapse for his part has already made (ahem) heroic efforts to clarify misunderstandings in the Merit Rewards system, even prior to his formal introduction.

That's two devs thrown bodily to the masses. Make them welcome, as only you know how.

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