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    Samsung's 55-inch LN55A950 LCD HDTV reviewed: exceptional and expensive

    Darren Murph

    You already heard CNET's opinions on the 46-inch 950 series LCD HDTV, but what if that one just isn't big enough for your ego / den? Enter the 55-inch sibling, which was recently critiqued by the gurus over at Home Theater Mag. According to the review, the LN55A950 managed to deliver black levels eerily close to those emitted by Pioneer's famed KURO line, although the off-angle viewing was deemed mediocre. For those who found a way to sit relatively close to dead-on in front of it, image quality was said to be nothing short of fantastic. In fact, these guys recommended that you not buy another LCD HDTV until you've checked this one out first, although you should probably pay attention to the $4,000+ price tag before you waste any time warming to a set that's out of reach. Bottom line? This is a marvelous LCD for those with the cash to burn, but four large is a steep price to pay for awesomeness.

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