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WRUP: The Beginning of the End Edition

Ross Miller

Folks, the end is very nigh. Over the course of the last seven days, we've lost a good bit of writers to turkey and zombie infestations. The ones who remain sent only the briefest of responses.
  • Alexander Sliwinski: Pounced by Hunter
  • Christopher Grant: Having already spent a couple hours today on Left 4 Dead, I'll be moving over to Mirror's Edge and Fable 2 to round out my weekend gaming portfolio. By the end of the weekend, I'll be as full on video games as I will be on leftovers.
  • Griffin McElroy: While not abusing the terrifying amount of power recently given to me by my new Zune pass, I'll probably be reaping a harvest of zombie corpses in Left 4 Dead, and trying to burn off them turkeypounds with feverish Rock Band 2 sessions.
  • Kevin Kelly: I picked up some new board games at the Board Game Geek Con in Dallas, and I'm addicted to a few of them, most notably Powerboats. On the electronic frontier I'm finally fighting zombies in Left 4 Dead, and blew the dust out of my Wii to try out some Boom Blox. Plus, I can't keep my fingers off of Gears of War 2.
  • James Ransom-Wiley: Tried throwing a gas can at a witch. Missed.
  • Jason Dobson: The only game I plan to play this weekend is called digestion.
  • Justin McElroy: Left 4 Dead! Again! More Ninjatown! Leftovers! Yelling!
  • Ludwig Kietzmann Too confused by this consumer-driven US holiday to respond. Also, flew 600 feet when a Tank tried to give him a hug.
  • Randy Nelson: belched on a Boomer.
  • Ross Miller: Hoping people will still be playing Left 4 Dead when Amazon ships it. In the interim, rented Far Cry 2 for the weekend.

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