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Excite Truck dev working on top-secret Wii title

Excite Truck wasn't the most well-received or widely-purchased launch title for the Wii, though there was something charming about sending gargantuan automobiles bounding across rough terrain. However, we haven't heard much from developer Monster Games since the title's 2006 release. A recent article in a Minnesota-based blog titled Locally Grown shed some light on the company's under the radar status -- they've apparently been working on a top-secret Wii title for the past two years.

The title, which many speculate to be another racing game (as it appears to be the developer's bread-and-butter genre), is nearly complete. However, don't expect any information about the project to leak any time soon -- the article explains that the cautious development team is so protective of the new title that they dim their computer screens when the bottled water delivery person visits. It's a ritual they apparently developed after being forced to murder their first delivery person, who accidentally laid eyes on a single screenshot.

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