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Runco ships $40k 100-inch VideoWall VW-100HD in-wall projection system

Darren Murph

Just when we thought everyone was scaling back in order to cater to the poor, cash-strapped consumer dealing in these tough economic times, along comes Runco to help us remember that there's still a market out there for the uber-elite. The outfit's remarkable 100-inch VideoWall VW-100HD 1080p in-wall projection system is shipping just in time for that special someone on your holiday gift list, but you better be expecting something absurdly awesome in return. Not just anyone deserves a $39,995 present, you know. Full release is after the break.


Perfect for customers who want extra-large video screens in well-lit environments, the new VideoWall VW-100HD delivers Runco's legendary technology and performance to discerning homeowners.

Beaverton, OR – November 25, 2008 – Runco, the leading brand in luxury video solutions, proudly announces its new VideoWallTM VW-100HD in-wall projection video display is now shipping, offering installation professionals new levels of versatility and convenience while achieving full HD (1920 x 1080) imagery perfection on a sprawling 100-inch screen.
Runco's native 16:9 VideoWall system is perfect for installations where an ultra-large screen is required, but front projection is difficult-to-impossible to deliver, particularly in instances where a high level of ambient light makes high-quality video from a front projector appear washed-out. "Runco's in-wall systems are fantastic alternatives to extremely heavy and prohibitively expensive plasma displays of similar sizes as they sit perfectly flush with the wall and do not bear heavy weight on the wall. This simple two-piece solution dramatically reduces installation time, yet provides outstanding video quality in rooms with high ambient light." statedMatt Christensen, product champion.

Traditional rear-projection video systems require more throw distance than is available in most homes. The new VideoWallTM system, however, is completely self-contained in-wall projection video display system with a low-profile design that includes a rear assembly less than 32 inches in depth, with sloping side panels that enable the system to fit into the tightest spaces. As a result, integrators have tremendous installation flexibility and versatility. The VW-100HD has been specially designed in the same vein as all other Runco displays to be Installer DependentTM, provide an effortless, two-piece installation process that significantly reduces man-hours on the job and increases profitability per installation.

The VideoWallTM system retains video contrast and brightness even when viewed in high amounts of ambient light. Runco's Constant ContrastTM technology incorporates frame-by-frame contrast correction to provide stellar black levels within high contrast video content, enhancing the systems' contrast ratios in excess of 5,000:1 ANSI. The system, abound with installer-friendly features, such as Runco's Positive Pressure CoolingTM, a strategic internal engine cooling design that reduces the need for excess cooling fans, ensuring quiet operation levels in the process. Other benefits include ISFcccTM calibration system, WideVisionTM aspect ratio conversion technology, CSMSTM contrast and brightness, and high-altitude operation (10,000 ft above sea level).

The VW-100HD features Runco's SuperOnyxTM chipset. Extensive connectivity includes HDMI w/HDCP, DVI w/HDCP, Component (RCA), HD-15 (PC), S-Video, Composite and RS-232. Runco's exclusive CinOptxTM lens system incorporates O-PathTM light path enhancement for sharp-looking video, while ViViX IITM internal processing ensures the best video performance, no matter what the content's native resolution or aspect ratio.

Runco home theater products are built with quality and craftsmanship to ensure an amazing experience. All Runco displays feature a two-year RuncoCare standard warranty. Extended options are also available for one or two additional years. RuncoCare is simple, convenient and offers the best protection in the industry.

Runco products are available only through its authorized dealer network. The Runco VideoWallTM VW-100HD has an MSRP of $39,995 and is shipping now.

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