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Sneak Preview - Freeverse Flick Fishing 1.2


Wow, it seems like only a few weeks ago our very own Mike Schramm was telling us about Flick Fishing, a new fishing simulation game from Freeverse. They've let us know that version 1.2 of this great game will be available soon in the App Store (click opens iTunes - note that version 1.2 may not be available yet).

What goodies did Freeverse pack into the latest incarnation of this US$0.99 bargain? The list is extensive:

  • New fish
  • New locations
  • Quest modes
  • Fishing tournaments
  • Easter eggs!
In the fishing tournaments, you can play against the iPhone, another player on the same iPhone, or against other Flick Fishing owners on the same Wi-Fi network. The old man in the lighthouse is still dispensing questionable wisdom to fishermen, and the lighthouse has a new, more energy-efficient light source than it did in the 1.0 version. The old man also has a new job as the head of the virtual aquarium, and you can make his day by catching specimens for him.

As with Flick Bowling, another title in the Freeverse Flick Sports line, Flick Fishing is a blast to play and it's cheap. Check out the gallery for fun screenshots!

Gallery: FlickFishing1.2 | 15 Photos

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