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Breakfast Topic: Gaining Reputation


No more collecting huge stacks of Unidentified Plant Parts or Arrakoa Feathers. No more running Hellfire Ramparts half a dozen times before starting in on quests. In Northrend, it seems like there's two basic ways to get reputation with a faction: Either you do quests, or you grab the proper tabard and run a level 80 dungeon.

For the most part, I do like the latter option. It's nice not to feel like I have to jump through hoops to maximize my reputation gain. Still, being able to pre-gather stuff is sometimes pretty cool too, and part of me sort of wishes they had kept some of that in, maybe in that way I've talked about before where you can have around 12k max of your reputation be gathered items, but that they can be turned in at any point in the grind, if only to keep options open.

How are you liking the new reputation system?

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