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Midway working on top-secret title that looks 'better than Gears 2'

Hyping up your upcoming titles that everyone already knows about is an ancient, outdated P.R. maneuver -- the apparent wave of the future is boasting about your top-secret hits of tomorrow. Midway, who desperately needs one of these aforementioned "hits", recently began following this up-and-coming trend -- in an interview with, Wheelman creative director Simon Woodroffe dropped hints of a heretofore unannounced Midway title that "looks as good if not better than Gears 2."

The secret title, which has been in development for three months, is reportedly "similar to Gears, but a totally different set up." We're not exactly sure what to make of that. Will the game follow a quartet of burly, foul-mouthed space marines as they spend a summer dispersed throughout their war-torn planet, sharing a pair of magical blue jeans that somehow manages to fit them all? C'mon, Midway! The suspense is killing us!

[Via Big Download]

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