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Mythical white Touch Diamond gets handled

Chris Ziegler

Remember that white Sega Game Gear that you always read about -- maybe even saw in a picture -- but never managed to actually find in real life? In the minds of average Game Gear owners, it reached near-legendary status; it didn't matter that the white wasn't necessarily any better-looking than the black, the sheer rarity of the darned thing made it an object of pure, unadulterated lust. Yeah, well, that's pretty much where we are with the white Touch Diamond right now -- we know it exists, but finding one is nigh impossible, and that alone makes it a thousand shades of awesome as far as we're concerned. Taiwanese site ePrice has some hands-on shots up and we think we're loving the look of the prism effect in the new color along with the two-tone action up front; yes, we'd like to see it launch everywhere, but a certain (perhaps nostalgic) part of us wants it to stay impossibly rare.

[Via Daily Mobile, thanks Daniel]

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