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Rumor: Street Fighter costumes landing soon on LittleBigPlanet

Earlier this month, Capcom hinted at a "little" surprise they'd be dropping on the PSN during the holiday season, leading many fans to the conclusion that Street Fighter's iconic brawlers would soon be inhabiting LittleBigPlanet. RipTen recently spotted what may be the first images of the suggested costumes on Spanish PlayStation community site PSNow -- including adorable, Sackitized versions of Chun-Li, Guile, Zangief and Ryu.

It's unclear where PSNow dug up the images, but they certainly look legitimate. However, you should take time to view the rumored costumes while you still can, as SCEE has asked a number of sites to take the images down. Make of that what you will -- we're fairly certain it has something to do with the indecent nature of Sack-Zangief's exposed Sack-nipples.

[Via 1UP]

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